Other Services

FirstLockhart offers additional benefits and services to you:

Safe Deposit Boxes

Make sure your valuables are safe from theft, fire, or flood by keeping them in one of our secure Safe Deposit Boxes.

  • Box size - Annual Cost
  • 3 x 5----------$20
  • 5 x 5----------$25
  • 3 x10----------$40
  • 5 x10----------$50
  • 10x10----------$75

Money Orders

When you need to pay someone in cash but don't feel safe carrying it, a money order is the perfect solution. Money orders are easily cashed at any bank.

  • Free to First Star Secure Club Members
  • All other FirstLockhart customers: $3

Cashier's Checks

This is another alternative to carrying cash. Use it like cash and is easily cashed most anywhere.

  • Free to First Star Plus Members
  • All other FirstLockhart customers: $4

Electronic Wire Transfer

Move funds to anywhere in the world quickly, accurately, and safely.

  • Routing Number (ABA) 114903213
  • Incoming fee: No Fee
  • Outgoing fee: $15

Travelex Foreign Currency Exchange Service

First Lockhart now has select foreign currencies available for purchase in our Lockhart lobby. We carry Pesos, Euros, Canadian Dollars and British Pounds and we can obtain most other currencies not held in stock within a two day turnaround. We offer competitive exchange rates and will even buy back your excess currency when you return home.

Click here to order Foreign Currency