• CDARS is the easiest and most convenient way to enjoy full FDIC insurance on deposits larger than $250,000.

    • One Rate. One Statement
    • Fixed Rate CD Investments
    • Multi-Million Dollar FDIC Insurance
    • Earn CD-level returns
    • Receive one consolidated statement
    • Get peace of mind and full FDIC insurance on all your funds
    • Avoid the hassles of managing multiple bank relationships
    How Does It Work?

    Here's what happens:

    • Enter one Deposit Placement Agreement
    • Select an interest rate and maturity
    • Deposit the funds
    • Certificates of Deposit are issued
    • Confirmations provided
    • Its just that easy!

    With the Certificate of Deposit Account Registry Service®, you can get a great fixed rate without having to spread your money around to several different banks and accounts.

    With CDARS, you get full FDIC insurance on all your investment while only having to deal with one bank. One bank means one great rate, and one regular statement. Now that's convenient!

  • If you're saving for a specific purpose or just for a rainy day, this is an excellent way to build that nest egg.

    • Interest compounds daily
    • Auto deposits available
    • 6 free transactions per quarter
    • Interest bearing account
    • Interest compounded daily
    • $6 monthly fee waived on balances over $500
    • 6 transactions per quarter
    • $2 per item thereafter
    • Free Online Banking
    • Free e-Statements
    • TeleStar Phone Banking
    • Direct deposit available
    • FDIC insured (up to current limits)
    • Minimum $50 deposit to open

    Check our interest rates here.

  • Start saving now and build a brighter financial future for yourself later on in your life with an IRA.

    • Fixed rate
    • Flexible terms
    • Traditional and ROTH
    Traditional IRA
    • Fixed rate
    • Flexible terms
    • Contributions are tax deductible
    • Money grows tax free until withdrawn
    • Knowledgeable advisors
    • Short and long term options available
    • Penalty for early withdrawal
    • Minimum $250 deposit to open
    Roth IRA
    • Interest grows tax-free
    • Flexible terms
    • Contributions NOT tax deductible
    • Knowledgeable advisors
    • Short and long term options available
    • Penalty for early withdrawal
    • Fund distribution is tax-free
    • Minimum $500 deposit to open

    Please contact one of our Personal Bankers for rate details

  • For a limited time, earn a great 0.65% Annual Percentage Yield (APY) for one year with our High Yield C.D.!

    • Open online
    • Fund online
    • Minimum $1000.00 to open
    • Fixed rate of 0.65% APY
    • One Year term - Auto renewable
    • FDIC insured
    • Minimum $1,000 deposit to open
    • APY assumes reinvestment of principal and interest at the original rate for one year.
    • Other Terms and conditions may apply
    • Penalty for early withdrawal